Chemical Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory services


Our niche - Small, Privately-Held Chemical Companies

We are not your typical chemical M&A firm. We offer a full array of services to get you acquisition ready, and prefer to work only with small, privately-held chemical companies with a sales bandwidth from $1 million to $30 million.  Many M&A firms don't work within this bandwidth because it costs as much to do a small deal as it does to do a big one. Additionally, classical valuations are often far removed from the owners valuation expectations. We have actually owned, operated, built, bought and sold small chemical companies in this bandwidth. Our founder started the company after being in the chemical business for many years and selling his privately-held company to a international specialty chemical company. We know the challenges of running a small chemical business, from growing it, sustaining it, dealing with the regulatory environment, to preparing it for sale and selling it. 

Selling your business (Sell-Side) Services

The first meeting is all about you. We will meet with you privately in an intake interview to identify your goals related to the future of the business, your personal exit strategy, your idea of the value of the business, its strengths and weaknesses, and to identify any companies that you feel might be a good fit  for your company. Assuming the meeting is successful, we will then prepare a proposal to prepare a prospectus that will include a complete  assessment of your financials, operations, technology, quality system, sales & marketing, and the competitive landscape. This is the document that will  be submitted to prospective buyers. We will then mange the process from buyer identification and contact, initial meetings, presentation of your company, negotiating a sale price and letter of intent, due diligence coordination and arranging the closing of the deal, 

Buying a business (Buy-Side) Services

While our focus is on selling small chemical business to an acquirer, we can also assist you in identifying a potential acquisition that is a fit for your company. 

We will manage this process from target company identification, initial meetings, negotiating a purchase price and letter of intent (LOI), due diligence coordination and arranging the closing of the deal. 

Our fee structure

We don't have a fixed fee structure. We'll tailor the fees so that the cost is related to the potential size of the transaction, is reasonable and is mutually agreeable to both of our companies. Typically, we will ask for a moderate upfront "work" fee to get the ball rolling and as evidence of your commitment to work with us.  After that, we don't get paid until the sale of your company is complete.  The Packard Hill Capital Advisors fee structure is based on an initial work fee and a "success" fee based on a percentage of the final sales price. The fee structure is is negotiated at the time of the first meeting. 

If we're representing a buyer

If we are representing a buyer looking to purchase your business, there are no fees charged to you, the seller. This is actually the most profitable way to sell your business.


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